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As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.
Research suggests that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, meaning the changes coronavirus have caused might be here to stay.

A school management system has become an essential need for every school to operate. No doubt. It holds so many crucial functions to ensure that the school management runs smoothly. The teachers, staff, and other external parties can collaborate easily through a centralized platform.

It doesn’t stop there. This system also bridges communication between the school, students, and parents.

The following listed points may encourage you if your institution is considering to implement the correct school management software.

Keep track of record with just one click:

One of the most basic, yet extremely important functions of the cloud-based school management system is the ability to track and review students’ attendance. It enables teachers to automatically generate reports with various samples. Furthermore, teachers can use the SMS feature of the integrated school administration software to notify parents if their students are absent.

As a result, parents will receive news that the instructor has received a sick notification or a leave request for their child. It can also notify them if their children are missing lessons without their permission. Surprisingly, this simple function also serves as a disciplinary tool.

Better exam management:

Some other characteristic that differentiates this system is how it assists teachers in administering tests. They have the ability to upload examinations, randomized the questions to ensure fairness, and employ a variety of exam formats. Their ability to assess individuals is not limited when they use the system. It also saves students time throughout the exam by reducing the amount of time they spend using an eraser or making individual corrections.

If, on the other hand, teachers prefer traditional paper-based exams, the system can assist them by keeping track of students’ grades. They can then generate and calculate the performance of students all through the semester. Teachers can upload exam results right away so that students and their parents can see them.

Additional Organized (Online) Resources:

Students can download, post, and finish assignments, notes, and projects using this platform’s single component.  If both systems are utilized at the same time, the system is accessible. As long as they are approved, they can attach various types of files to the system. It also allows them to go over previous lectures by simply viewing the resources that have been published. If the school provides sufficient technology, they won’t even need to carry all of their heavy textbooks in their backpack.

Effective communication:

This system includes a feature that allows parents, students, instructors, and school administrators to communicate with ease. Sending out SMS, emails, or specialized notifications about school activities is no longer a hassle. You do not need to manually enter recipient information because it is already saved in the system.

Effortless fey payment:

Parents and students frequently form a line at the bank to pay tuition at the start of the semester. Fortunately, the system already includes a method for them to pay online. Thanks to the SMS feature, which delivers information about costs that parents have not paid, this is an efficient technique for minimizing late payment concerns.