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Gives you the direction and tools you need to use social media to become a more agile, engaged, profitable and productive IT or Software Company.

Scale your social media efforts, engage customers, and monitor mentions, or conversations about your brand. Having real-time streams of relevant phrases can help you prioritize your social media efforts and identify how and when to interact with your customers.

Having a cohesive social media presence allows small businesses to speak to customers where they’re at

With so many prominent platforms out there, however, managing multiple social accounts can be an absolute nightmare. After all, business owners would have to find the time and energy to log into multiple social media accounts, write a post for each, and schedule them as needed throughout the day. This is simply not feasible for many small businesses that operate with a handful of employees. With that in mind, many small businesses turn to social media management platforms that let them create a comprehensive social media strategy they can manage all in one place.

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