All complex and repetitive processes can waste a lot of time, costs, and resources when done manually. Therefore, construction companies need the help of automated solutions that can simplify these processes, so that various tasks can be completed in a timely manner and client satisfaction can be improved.

Project and contract management software systems enable construction companies to create stages in each project, oversee every progress, delegate tasks to the right employees and monitor their performance, manage budgets, forecast revenue from each project, maintain contracts, and much more.

Some common features of modern project and contract management software systems are:

Task Management allows supervisor to distribute assignments to the right person with the specified deadline as well as monitor the task progress.

Expense and Billing Management allows contractors to manage the expenses incurred for each project, create invoices, and monitor the status of payments.

Contract Management enables contractors to create, edit, and monitor contract deadlines with clients through a single system.

Analytical Reporting allows contractors to analyze projects, employee performance, forecast revenue, and figure out profits and losses.

Timesheet Management helps contractors monitor employee working hours so that it makes it easier for them to estimate their salaries.