1. Install Imagick in php with command sudo apt-get install php7.4-imagick
  2. Resart the server with sudo service apache2 restart / valet restart

Firstly we have 2 images, the first image is a source image and the second one is mask image. We will crop the original image with as the size of mask image.

$base = new Imagick(‘path-to-source-image');
$mask = new Imagick(‘path-to-mask-image);

Now, we crop the source image as the size of mask image and save it to file.

$base->compositeImage($mask, Imagick::COMPOSITE_COPYOPACITY, 40, 40); //position can be changed by playing with numbers
round image

And then, we take result image and image to be merged. We merge them both and save it to specified path.

$src1 = new Imagick('path-to-result-file');

$src2 = new Imagick(‘path-to-merge-image’);
$src1->setImageArtifact('compose:args', "1,0,-0.5,0.5");
//position can be adjusted by playing with numbers
$src1->compositeImage($src2, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT,122, 120);