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The term Bauhaus in a real sense implies «construction house» and was initially alluding to the school of plan which blended the previous Grand Ducal School of Arts and Crafts and the Weimar Academy of Fine Art. The Staatliches Bauhaus arose in 1919 and was driven by the designer Walter Gropius.

Though a regular schooling for a craftsman may zero in on brush strategy and paint blending, a Bauhaus educator would guide the understudy to contemplate the basics of shading and structure, and energize experimentation across an entire scope of materials and orders.

The present website composition owes an irregular measure of obligation to Bauhaus. Since sites need to look incredible, yet additionally work easily, Bauhaus is the ideal core value for website architecture. Investigating the historical backdrop of the Bauhaus development not just yields a hundred years of motivation, it additionally signs us into future headings of UX plan.

Lesson for today’s designers from Bauhaus School

1. Go back to basics

2. Form follows function

3. Break the rules

4. Think big even when your work is “small”

5. Get your hands dirty